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We used wood mainly for luxury chalet for sale in france or simply a house on 1 or 2 floors, but of our with the arrival of advanced technologies, architects see further and for an ecological purpose also, want to use this material for constructions of larger sizes like buildings of several dozen floors. However, there were already impressive structures in wood but new wackier are emerging.

Existing wooden structure

Wood is not the only instrument used to mold concrete, whether in interior design or in small buildings. Designers are daring more and more with tall buildings and almost impossible wooden structures. In Spain, for example, it can be found in the historic center of Lleida. It holds the record of the highest building of Spain built in wood.

 The building has five storeys plus the ground floor, which in practice means six floors. So far, there are only single family homes or a maximum of two floors in a landscaping dump with concrete for wood structures.

At the moment, if we remember well, the tallest building in the world built of wood is in London. It’s called the 17m by 17m Stadhaus tower. It rests on a reinforced concrete foundation and the first floor was built of concrete. The rest of the structure consists of a “hive” of solid laminated wood panels that fulfill the function of load-bearing walls, fences, distribution and complete carpentry constitute an exceptional setting.

Wooden building projects

But the capacity of the architects is surprising and in this case the United States through the Michael Green architecture studio that offers wooden skyscrapers, claiming to reach 20 floors, even up to 30 floors are proposed.

A very risky idea where many critics question the sustainability of construction before the amount of raw material needed. The study gives us the complete project of the construction of wooden skyscrapers, because in this case we are lighter and we wanted to compile a series of manuals or guides on the construction and architecture of wood, houses , family homes, technical beams, sleepers, tables, joints, structures or understanding of the world of wood in the workplace.

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